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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Yesterday was the Halloween party at my son's school.  All the kids, teachers, and many parents, dressed up for the occasion.  The kids put on an adorable parade, and all the classes had parties.  It was too much fun!!  As a teacher myself (I taught high school chemistry and physics up until about 1 year ago) I understand how much work teaching is, and how unappreciated teachers can feel.  That said, I wanted to take the opportunity to show the teachers at his school that we appreciate what they do, and engage in a little shameless self promotion at the same time (embarrased grin). 

I packaged up fall Apple Tree cookies (just like the ones we brought to the apple orchard field trip) as well as Halloween cookies and delivered them to the office to be put into each teacher's mailbox.  I sure hope they enjoyed them!
  I like their glittery faces and the twisted vines!

I can't take credit for the silly names on the tombstones.  I googled "Halloween grave stone names" and found several huge lists of them. 

I don't love my black cats.  They need a little something more, but when I put noses and whiskers on them, they looked cute....which is not what I was going for!

 Love the bats, especially the "furry" bodies.  Black sanding sugar is very cool!

 I don't know if everyone thinks moons are approriate for Halloween, but I don't care.  I think they are and I love how these turned out!  You can't really tell from the pic, but they have gold lustre dust on them, so they shimmer.  So pretty!

My skeleton looks happy doesn't he?!  He has a big cheesy grin! 

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