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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy busy 'round here!

Ok....I usually try to post every Sunday, but, I was up north with some of my girls! 

That's us, we had a blast.  We always have a blast!!  Yummy food, no responsibilities, great conversation, games, lots of laughter, and very little sleep!

Last week, and this week since I've been back have been crazy busy!!  I had coupons running on on Monday, and another on on Tuesday. Monday we announced the winner of the HUGE 500 fan giveaway was Jen Johnson. I shipped out 4 orders yestersday (including some freebies to contest winners!!!).  Today I see we have broke the 700 fans mark on facebook!! 
They like me, they REALLY like me!!!

Now, I have orders coming in faster than I can write them down!!!  If you are looking for Valentine cookies, please e-mail or call me ASAP (do not leave a comment about wanting cookies!) because I am running out of room in my calendar fast! As it is, I may have to get some help over here.  Maybe if someone else can do packaging and shipping, I will get it all done on time!!

Here is a glimpse of what I've been up to!
Tiny cheetah heels and tiny purses for a "Lil Miss Priss Party" styled by Claudia at TiniPosh for her daughter.

Monster truck "Grave Digger" for a little boy's b-day.  Thanks Brandy!

Lightsabers for a Star Wars themed party.  Thanks Yolanda!

Valentine's Day Assortment

All you need is love!
More to come once I can get out of my kitchen!

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