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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Introducing, an instant hit!

Custom Crispy Pops!!!

Decorated Circles to Match Think Spring Collection from Eye Candy Event Details

Chocolate Drizzled Random Triangles with sprinkles.

These babies are made about an inch thick and are on sticks (that’s what makes them pops!).  They can be decorated with royal icing in any way you can imagine. For the chocolate lovers out there they can be drizzled with your choice of milk, dark, or white chocolate, or even colored chocolate!  And for the chocolate addicts who are not willing to attempt recovery, such as myself, they can be fully dipped in chocolate, completely covering every inch of the crispy, sweet, marshmallow-y goodness with chocolate.  YUM!

You might be asking yourself why I didn’t use the same word choice that they have on the box of cereal form which they’re made.  Hmmmm?  That’s odd, you might say.  But, it’s not odd at all; if you consider that I have neither the interest nor the finances to risk copyright infringement on a large multinational corporation!  So, Custom Crispy Pops (with a C) they are!

If you are interested in ordering these for your next party or special event, or you’d like to get some as a gift, please contact me at